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SubbGen Owner Biography

Kristofer Mickelson was born in Sacramento, CA in 1975. With a unique gift for Science and Mathematics, Kris excelled in school at an early age. Kris graduated from Half Moon Bay High School in 1993 with a GPA of 3.9. Kris was allowed to marry his high school sweetheart on the agreement (with his soon to be father-in-law) that Kris "get a real career and I ain't talkin about flippin those steaks down at Chart House either." Making good on his proposal to his fiancée and promise to her Father, In the spring of 1994, Kris went down to Local 467 in Burlingame, Ca on his 19th birthday, passed the apprenticeship test and got his Plumber/Pipefitter Union Card.

He started working immediately as J.W. McClenahans shop boy in San Mateo, CA. Kris had no idea how truly fortunate He was to support this HVAC/Plumbing shop at the ground level. Kris was inspired by the multitude of scopes McClenahan supported so effectively. From High end custom Design Build HVAC/Plumbing contracts to Plan & Spec BioPharm projects at Genentech. Kris dug in, worked hard, learned from all these scopes and excelled within them.

With the DotCom Boom in full effect in 1998, Kris was turned out early as a Journeyman. At 23, (still technically an 8th period apprentice), Kris passed the Medical Gas Certification test and quickly sored within Kenitics Systems. With growing management responsibility and multiple project successes under his belt, at the age of 25 Kris was promoted to General Foreman by Kenitics Systems. Kris supported the construction of multiple Genentech buildings in South San Francisco.  

Kris and his wife decided to buy a home in the fall of 1999 in Pollock Pines, CA. With the booming economy throughout California, Kris saw an opportunity to work with JW McClenahan out of the Sacramento Union Hall, Local 447. Kris took a job as a Journeyman Traveler and worked with the tools again on Sacramento Highrise projects. Kris and his high school sweetheart started a family the next year and their first child was born in April 2000.  

On September 11th, 2001 Kris experienced a dramatic shift in his career choice. After 9/11 and the ensuing slowing of the US economy, Kris leaped into a new line of work, Mission Critical Operations support. With his construction experience, Kris transitioned into Local 39 Operating and Maintenance Engineers. As a Journeyman Maintenance Engineer Kris started on the only full time shift available, the grave yard shift. As a Data Center Operating Engineer Kris learned firsthand the massive responsibility it takes to mitigate facility risk with properly implemented documentation control. This Wells Fargo Data Center in Roseville, CA was grotesquely inefficient. Wells Fargo decided to drive substantial infrastructure efficiencies into this site. As dreadful as it was on Grave yard shift, again Kris was lucky. Graveyard shift contained the only hours of corporate operation that risk implementing the efficiency strategies was lowest. Over the next five years, Kris managed all HVAC and Electrical Contractor relationships through all phases of this Data Centers metamorphosis into LEED Bronze. Kris managed all existing and newly drafted change control documentation, SOP drafting and MOP development with multiple MEP Engineering teams. Wells Fargo experienced 0.0 hours of Data Center Facility down time over that five year period.  As the site efficiency flourished, Kris eventually worked his way to Day Shift by 2009. It was truly a remarkable experience and eventually pushed Kris' career into another new direction.

In the spring of 2010 a career opportunity opened up in the heart of San Francisco for Kris. He was offered the position of Chief Engineer for a seven story low-rise building. This building housed two floors of Sutter Health Mission Critical Data Centers within it. Now with three children, Kris and his sweetheart decided to take the gig, leave the snowy mountains and move back to the Half Moon Bay coast side where it all began.

This Chief Engineer career move to the Bay Area brought in new relationships to Kris. It was 2010 and the Data Center construction Renaissance was in full swing. Kris decided to take a Director of Data Center Transition position with a Sunnyvale based DC Builder/Owner.  Kris' last 10 years’ experience had him positioned perfectly for this scope.  Kris assisted in the fundamental design, Operations and Facilities functionality within that design, BMS design and buildout and all the documentation that fills the gaps between these scopes. For 2010 this 9MW Zynga DC was absolutely state of the art, pushing the LEED ratings and PUE for these type of corporate assets. Kris drafted all the necessary Preventative Maintenance documents for Facilities & Operations Teams. Kris drafted all MEP change control documentation. Kris managed all commissioning documentation with a contractor to achieve our LEED Platinum certification and PUE of 1.17 for one 3MW pod. It was a remarkably crazy year with this team but again a lucky and career launching move.

This LEED and PUE success experienced by Kris changed the DC building game globally. Everyone wanted a piece of the “secret sauce”. This success quickly led to new relationships with DC Owners, MEP Contractors and Data Center Infrastructure Manufactures. With so many hats to wear, Kris decided to take a career with Rexel Inc. a global Electrical distribution vendor. Gexpro (REXEL Bay Area affiliate) was tasked to create a Mission Critical portfolio that went beyond the electrical distribution expertise Rexel housed. Rexel wanted the HVAC piece of Mission Critical as well. Kris was offered the position as the Regional Director of Mission Critical in San Leandro, CA. Kris pulled all the Data Center infrastructure pieces together into one procurement vertical for any client to use, globally. It was brilliant; Chillers, Boilers, Switch Gear, UPS, Generators, Lighting, and all Piping and hardware for all scopes; one Purchase Order. The success of this vertical, coupled with relationship development nationally, was indeed a two edged sword for Kris.

After a year with Gexpro, Kris decided to accept an offer with ACCO Engineered Systems, San Leandro CA. In the early summer of 2013, ACCO gave Kris an offer He couldn't refuse. Kris went down to his Alma Mater, Local 467 and blew the dust off his Union Card. Kris was immediately titled as the Director of Document Control Nor Cal. His scope covered submittal documentation dependencies for all HVAC projects south to Monterey, CA and North to the Oregon border.  The Bay Area economy was back in a fierce way. ACCO was approaching $1 Billion annually, including the sheet metal side. That left ~$500M in HVAC/Plumbing document dependencies Kris needed to satisfy asap. A legend in the HVAC business was tasked to train Kris as his replacement. Kris was completely trained and took over the submittal generation responsibilities in two weeks; yes, 10 business days. With over 100 Project Managers bidding and winning work daily, the submittal generation machine was in high gear. With Kris' support, ACCO Construction Group become more agile and an expert resource for furthering the success for all ACCOs' Project Managers.

It wasn't long before Kris began to streamline ACCOs' “old” document control system. Kris began to charter new docs, streamlining Plan & Spec projects and further owning project documentation support for the Construction and Project Management teams. Kris began to drive RFI communication and Spec Driven compliance strategies for ACCO contracts at the beginning of each project.  Kris began to eliminate almost all the project documentation pain, so far upstream of the project kickoff, the P/Ms were finally able to focus deeper on their clients needs and earn more contracts within their relationships.

In the fall of 2014, Kris and his family decided to buy a home and relocate to the Serrano Community in El Dorado Hills, CA. With a unique relationship with ACCO Engineered Systems Kris would work in the Bay Area Monday through Wednesday and work from his ACCO home office Thursday and Fridays.

This professional relationship between Kris and ACCO continued successfully until Kris resigned October 2015 to start SubbGen.

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